UBid Estate & Auction Services LLC. 

Services and Consignment Guidelines

Services Offered

We are a full service Auction Company.  We hold weekly consignment auctions at our Auction House and offer the following auction services

Consignment Auction
Online Auction Hosting Services
Business Liquidation Auction
Charity Auctions
Estate Auctions
Farm & Ranch Auctions
School Surplus Auctions
Storage Auctions

Consignment Guidelines

Thank you for thinking about UBid Auction House to sell your items.  In order to maximize the value of the items sold, we have placed some guidelines for what is, and is NOT acceptable.  There are exceptions when we are dealing with a complete estate liquidation/auction. 

It's best to call and make an appointment to ensure minimal wait time for consignment drop off and related documentation.  When you drop off your consignment items you will be informed of the auction date for your items, which will be noted in the consignor contract, as well as payout date.

Consigners wishing to have a reserve on items brought to auction will be accepted on a case by case basis at the discretion of UBid Auction House.   Any consignment item that doesn't sell; with or without a reserve is subject to a flat fee of $2.50 per no sale item and is payable prior to item being returned to consigner.

To ensure quality and following state laws, we do have items that we will NOT accept.  Here is a list of some of those items; but not limited to the items listed below.   UBid Auction House will reserve the right to refuse ANY item or items for consignment.

The type of items that are in demand

Sorry.  We Cannot Accept: Items that are torn, ripped, stained, in disrepair, mechanically unsafe, or items with pet damage.  We cannot accept mattresses, bed linens, or boxes full of left over garage sale (Some exceptions) or dollar general merchandise.

All consignment items are subject to our consignors consignment fee as outlined on our Consignment Rates page

Seller warrants that he and/or she is the rightful owner of the consigned property, holds good title, the sole right to sell the item('s) and that there are NO liens or ENCUMBRANCES against the said property or properties.  The Seller will provide any necessary title documents and/or merchantable title to the Purchaser. 

Seller('s) will hold UBid Auction House harmless for any and all claims made by the Purchaser