We are UBid Estate & Auction Services LLC.

Michael L. Huff Auctioneer Texas License Number 17436

Our office number is 817.400.UBID (8243)

You can email us at info@ubidauctionhouse.com

Auctioneers in Texas are licensed & regulated by the TEXAS DEPARTMENT of LICENSING & REGULATION ( TDLR ) and are covered by the recovery fund administered by the department (TDLR). Licensure with the department does not imply approval or endorsement by The STATE OF TEXAS.  If you have an issue with our service or that of another auctioneer, please see if the issue or issues can be resolved by talking to the auctioneer prior to filing a complaint.  In most cases, any issue can be resolved by talking to the auctioneer. In the event it can not be resolved, it should be directed to:


P.O. BOX 12157, AUSTIN, TEXAS 78711

Or Call (512) 463-2206

or email them directly at CS.Auctioneers@tdlr.texas.gov